About JF Holistic Healing

JF Holistic Healing, L.L.C. was created by Jay Martin with the aim of guiding others towards optimal health by balancing the body, mind and spirit. With the use of a customized nutrition blueprint, a variety of healing modalities and stress reduction techniques, he realized this can help many others LOCATE THEIR GREAT and achieve their own lasting transformations.


 Jay struggled with many years of yo-yo dieting and fad diets that just did not work. Being diagnosed with gout at the young age of 24, he knew the changes he needed to make ran deeper than just diet and exercise. He had to educate himself about how the body worked and how to use food to work for him and not against him. After shedding almost 50 pounds, Jay continues to thrive making better food choices, staying active and prioritizing his mental health.

Apart from nutrition, JF Holistic Healing strives to help people as well as animals find their light and healing with the use of a variety of energetic healing modalities such as reiki, breath work, sound bowl healing, crystal healing and guided meditations. 


So, how will energy healing + nutrition coaching help me reach my weight loss goals?

Many factors contribute to weight gain and among these is stress. Losing weight is only half the battle while the other half is keeping it off and studies have shown consistently high levels of stress tend to keep body fat up. Stress reduction happens to be one of the many reported benefits of energy healing. 


Energy healing also has the potential to bring the body, mind and spirit into balance. This brings about clarity and some have reported a sense of empowerment after having a few sessions. This may bring about better long term weight loss success due to a desire to make better choices with nutrition, activity and prioritizing rest + relaxation.


Many find success in keeping weight off when they have tools they can turn to to support their weight loss goals and the stress reducing benefits of energy healing would be a great tool to have in your arsenal. More of these tools will be provided during the 1-1 coaching program to support your long term weight loss success!

What even is Reiki?

Reiki is a safe, traditional japanese healing technique where the practitioner accesses universal life force energy. This flow of gentle yet powerful energy is then transferred onto the recipient inducing a state of relaxation promoting the innate healing ability that all living things have. Many who come for Reiki treatments realize clearing energetic blocks can bring the body back into balance allowing it to do its own healing on a physical, mental and emotional level. 

Reported benefits of Reiki:

  • Promotes balance which can enhance the innate healing ability of the body

  • Releases stress + tension + promotes deep relaxation

  • Clears energetic blocks + promotes natural balance between the body, mind and spirit

  • Can aid in enhancing sleep

  • Complements medical treatments + other therapies 

  • Can enhance healing + recovery after surgery

  • Helps clear the mind + can improve focus providing the sense of feeling centered and balanced

What should I expect during a healing-only session?

With JF Holistic Healing, the healing session will be delivered to you or from a distance should you elect for a distance healing session. A super comfortable massage table will be setup at a location of your choosing and you will be fully clothed during the session. You and your space will be energetically cleared with an optional sage ritual followed by a series of guided energy groundings and clearing techniques. A short discussion will then take place before and after to set intentions for the healing. The in-person healing sessions includes sound bowl, crystal and reiki therapy. Reiki utilizes a soft touch method on the body but hovering hands work just as effectively, it is all a matter of preference. Your comfort and healing is of utmost priority with JF Holistic Healing. 

Animals can benefit from energy healing too!

Our animals can experience the benefits of an energy healing sessions too! With JF Holistic Healing, the healing experience is delivered to your fur, feathers, scaled or even gilled baby. During an animal energy healing session, an energetic grounding + clearing will be done for the pet guardian as well as the pet. Animals are very sensitive to the energy of their human housemates and the grounding + clearing will help provide as much of a relaxing and healing environment for them as possible. Time will be allotted for bonding between the practitioner and animal as garnering trust with the animal is critical and ensures safety for everyone involved. Crystals and sound bowl healing will be used during the session so long as the animal will allow and can tolerate. The practitioner will allow for the animal to be the driver of their healing session and if the animal would prefer not to be touched, this will be respected and honored and the healing can still be done from a few feet away.

Some of the benefits of energy healing on animals:

  • Can calm anxious or fearful animals

  • Helps reduce stress, induces relaxation and enhances the innate healing ability of the body

  • Can help accelerate healing after a procedure or surgery

  • Senior animals love energy healing!

  • Complements medical + other therapies

  • Eases the transition to pets getting ready for the rainbow bridge

  • Can help relieve symptoms of or reduce pain


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