About me!


I don't quite know how to go about giving you guys an "about me" other than to just lay it all out.

Hi, Im Jan Francis but my friends call me Jay. I am seeing happier healthier days as of now but it wasn't always that way. Prior to becoming a nutrition coach, I've struggled with yo-yo dieting throughout my life. I was 24 years old at my highest weight of 230 lbs. That was also the year, I was diagnosed with gout. If you've ever experienced gout, the pain is excruciating, so much so that I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemies. I decided that I needed to make changes that went beyond just diet and exercise. My mental game needed a tweaking as well if I wanted to see more permanent transformation. Fast forward a few years later and a decision to become a nutrition coach, I've kept the weight off, no gout flare ups and I am able to help others make their own lasting transformations.


I am a Licensed Vocational Nurse, healer trained under a variety of modalities, Certified Exercise Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition and have since found a deep appreciation and passion for keeping my body, mind and spirit balanced while also helping others do the same.

Answering the call to becoming a healer

I've always been drawn to the mystical + metaphysical. I've also had a deep connection with nature and the animal kingdom. Though I've dabbled in mystic arts throughout my life, I didn't take it too seriously as my main focus was working and paying my bills. I carried a feeling of emptiness and not having a sense of purpose for many years. 

One day, I suffered a big tragic loss. I suddenly had to say goodbye to my girl Delilah(pictured in the middle of Chip + Rockstar). Through my grief, I found an animal communicator that helped me understand that spirit never really leaves us and that I could connect to my girl whenever I wanted to. Before I can even start researching about courses I could take to reach out to her spirit, I noticed I was becoming more aware of auras, and was able to sense energies. I wanted relief from the distress and grief and remembered the healing benefits of Reiki, a Japanese healing technique. I got certified in the first two levels and experienced a profound healing. I felt like I was thinking about the happy moments I shared with my girl more often than the loss. I also found I became even more sensitive to energy.


During one of my attunements, I was given a vision of a shaman and felt a strong pull to do some research on Shamanism. I began studying to become a shamanic practitioner. During one of my journeys, I was finally able to connect with my late Delilah and continue to do so today. I've met my power animal and spirit guides through meditative practices and shamanic journeying and feel divinely guided on this path to becoming a healer. I continue to receive signs and experience synchronicities that remind me I am on the right path and can help others find their own healing.

I am an Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Master/Teacher trained by Joan Rugget, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher through Lisa Powers, Animal Reiki Master through Dr. Angel Barbara. I also use sound bowl healing, crystals and guided mediations to facilitate a healing experience for my clients. I am currently studying to become a shamanic practitioner. I am also working on a PhD in Holistic Life Counseling. 

Thanks to the soul contract I have with my Delilah, I have a clearer knowing of my life path. I feel more alive and like I have a sense of purpose. This is my journey, this is "Delilahs Light".